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Jan. 13th, 2009

Dragged my butt out of bed at 6:50am to buy fan club pre-sale tickets to the Ani show (here, April 27!) and it's a good thing, because tickets were GONE by 10:30!

I really want to tell people

just so I can get a little help at work.  I have never been more tired IN MY LIFE.  And these other miserable fuckers keep calling in sick.  I have to pick up ANOTHER shift tonight and if I can't get someone to take one off me later in the week that will mean 11 days in a row without a day off.



i'm slightly baffled by the whole situation


voter # 192.1v right here!

woot woot

I must say, though, I am thoroughly disappointed that my village did not have "I Voted" stickers this time.  :(

Ani video!

Absent / No Longer Bored

Have been working for a couple weeks now.  Busier place, like that.  Jeff was stressed for a while but I think he's enjoying it more now.  I don't mind it.  Plus with employee discount it is $2.50 a slice for the most phenomenal cheesecake you will ever happen upon.

I can't believe the spring tv season is over.  I feel so cheated.  We had what, a month?  Six weeks?  Trevor just came home from school and Office Thursdays are over!  Jeff accidentally deleted the season finale the next day.  He has yet to live it down. 

Its Memorial weekend!  Spring goes fast.  Fuck new year resolutions, I'm making a mid-year one: less work, more play.  Enjoy the summer.  I think we're going to Dunegrass for the whole weekend.  Possibly a Tigers game.  Probably no concerts at Interlochen because (a)their lineup this year is pretty lame and (b)I don't think we'd be allowed to take a concert night off!  I think we may be able to make it to my family's vacation on the Island for a couple days as well.  Big plans!  And also, I'm going to save some time to hang out with you.  So get ahold of me. 

If I had the power of teleportation I would be in  Lenox, MA on August 12.  Andrew Bird and Wilco.  Yes, please.

Bored as All Getout

Jeff started a new job on March 19.  That effectively ended my employment since we were working together and share a vehicle.  So now I find myself once again in the ever stimulating role of housewife.  It sounds like I may be able to work at the new place with Jeff eventually but for the time being I'm home alone without a vehicle for 60 hours a week.  I plan on getting us ready to move but we can't actually move if I'm not working.  We just can't save up for first month+last month+security dep on one income.  I had hoped we'd be able to use our tax return to move but it turned out to be ridiculously puny.  But anyway, beyond cleaning and packing there are only so many things I can think of to pass the time... computer games, movies, books, art; three weeks in I'm beginning to grow bored of them all.  Even if the weather turns nicer I can't enjoy the back yard because of the FUCKING GOD AWFUL ABOMINATION NEXT DOOR.  Can't.... Move..... Soon..... Enough....

BUT I'm really really really happy about Jeff's new job. He was mailing out resumes and going on interviews for three months and it was soul sucking.  But it paid off; one of those interviewers owns four restaurant operations in the area and hired Jeff to manage one of them.  This job is more dependable than the last (I could go on for days about that, but suffice it to say he was hired at the beginning of summer on salary, worked at least 60 hrs a week all summer for that salary-no overtime-the point being that when business was slow in the winter he'd make the same salary, then they cut his pay twice this winter with no notice to the tune of 30%) and offers benefits, so all in all, can't complain.  :)


That Kind of a Day

You know the kind of day where you have a ton of shit to do, so you go to work early with the intention of getting everything done, only to spend the entire afternoon dealing with the cops because someone decided to choose the night before to break into your fucking restaurant and steal the entire computer system?  Yeah, it was that kind of a day. 


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